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Apple on WWDC 2024: What new

Apple on WWDC 2024: What new

iOS 18

ios 18
  • Apple представила нововведения iOS 18. Варианты кастомизации: от внешнего вида системы до сообщений в мессенджере. Иконки приложений можно менять как угодно, выбрав любой оттенок из спектра. Из приятного — при включении тёмной темы обои автоматически затемняются, чтобы комфортнее было юзать айфон в такой среде.
ios 18 custom
  • The Control Center has additional pages that users will be able to adjust by placing more items on them. The design of the Center has also been redesigned.
apple control pane
  • Users with the new Hide an App feature will be able to hide and block access to apps using Face ID and passcode. The iPhone will also support Game Mode.
  • In iMessages there will be an opportunity to use different reactions - something similar is in Telegram. Also in this application, text formatting and different effects for it. And in the Health app, they added mindfulness modes. What is interesting is that from now on, iMessage will be able to work via satellite (only in the United States).
  • In the mail app, reading important information from letters will be possible. All emails from any company will now be put into a single heading. Also added is a game mode, which improves performance in games.
photo. ios 18
  • Photos: The navigation, and memories section has been updated, and the update also includes support for new media categories by geolocation, time, and other events. Media is filtered by image type, time, people, and events
  • The Wallet app is now able to send money by holding one iPhone to another.

Apple Intelligence

Apple Intelligence

Apple's language model called Apple Intelligence is personalized, understands context. The AI in iOS can sort notifications by priority. It can also rewrite text and generate pictures in iMessages and other apps - Notes, Keynote, Pages, and Freeform.

Apple's AI can rewrite emails based on context. It also created Image Playground, an app for experimenting with AI images.

playground apple

ChatGPT 4o support will be available on iOS, macOS, and iPadOS this year. The basic ChatGPT base will be available for free - you won't have to create your own OpenAI account. But ChatGPT Plus users will be able to connect an account.

In addition, functions with AI will be available only in iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max, as well as other devices with chips M1 and newer.

The ability to create summaries of different content appeared in Safari browser, Mail, and other apps

architecturr lecture


More AI:

  • Image Playground — An application for AI image experiments
Image Playground
  • iOS users will be able to take advantage of the GenMoji feature and generate emoji using promt - a text description
promt emodji ios 18


Появится возможность с фотографий убирать конкретных людей
It will be possible to remove specific people from photos


Apple headphones will be able to recognize gestures. For example, when the user receives a call, he can drop it by turning his head from side to side. In addition, the headphones will support voice isolation, which removes ambient sounds during conversations.



Apple TV will get InSight support for displaying useful information from movies, as well as compatibility with 21:9 aspect ratio projectors.

watchOS 11

watchOS 11

At WWDC 2024, they unveiled an operating system update for smartwatches. One of the new features aimed at athletes is called "Training Load" This feature uses artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze your workouts and make recommendations. A special algorithm rates your effort on a scale of 1 to 10 to determine how intensely you've been training. The system then tells you whether you need to work harder or reduce your workload to avoid injury.

watchOS 11

There is a new app called Vitals. It collects and displays all your body data like heart rate, temperature, and sleep quality in one place. But the most exciting thing is a new real-time translation app. It will likely utilize the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to translate conversations on the go.

The rings will allow for customization. In addition, will allow us to "pause" the activity period and customize it more precisely: for example, on Friday 700 kcal and 12 hours, and lazy Saturday 300 kcal and 6 hours. The Cycles app for women will be able to competently analyze health during pregnancy and provide valuable recommendations.

iPadOS 18


The next iPad operating system will add a revamped home screen, a redesigned Control Center, and a redesigned Photos app.

The iPad now has a calculator. For the first time in 14 years:

На iPad появился калькулятор. Впервые за 14 лет:

The iPadOS calculator is more than just a calculator. For example, it recognizes formulas and also allows you to draw graphs. Among other things, iPadOS has additional features for working with graphics.

List of updates for iPadOS 18:

Список обновлений для iPadOS 18:

macOS 15 Sequoia

macOS 15 Sequoia

Apple has written an iPhone Mirroring app that will allow you to control your iPhone from your Macbook. All actions will be duplicated. Handy!!! The phone can be lying somewhere near the locked screen or in Stand-by mode.

Apple написали приложение iPhone Mirroring,

Application windows are now easier to manage: they adapt themselves to the screen size. FaceTime calls will be more private: you can choose a background before your screen is shown.

Окнами приложений теперь удобнее управлять

The Passwords app will be available on all Apple OSes, and it's essentially the same thing that was in Settings, just as a separate app. It will be available on macOS, iOS, iPadOS, and Windows via iCloud.

Приложение «Пароли»

Safari has been pumped with AI chips: the browser automatically detects that a video is running and brings it to the front. The Highlights function finds the main things on a site and shows a summary. And, of course, Safari will be able to make short extracts of basic information from web pages.

Game developers will have an easier time porting their projects to macs with Game Porting Toolkit 2.  Assassin's Creed Shadows is coming in November, followed later by Resident Evil 2 Remake and other major and minor projects.



Virtual Monitor and Enhanced Vision Pro Control

This year, the virtual monitor for Mac is getting even better! It will support higher resolution and an ultra-wide aspect ratio. This means the image will be sharper and the screen wider, which is especially useful for working with multiple windows.

For the Vision Pro system, mouse control will be added, making the work more familiar and convenient. New gestures will also appear, allowing for quick access to the home screen and Control Center, speeding up access to essential functions.

Spatial Videos and Developer Support

Apple continues to advance its spatial video technologies with the Apple Immersive Video format. Viewing documentaries in the headset will become even more vivid and captivating.

Apple is actively engaging developers to create such videos. BlackMagic Design has already developed a toolkit for creating spatial videos using their cameras and DaVinci Resolve software. Canon is also preparing special lenses for the EOS R7 camera, enabling shooting in this format.

App Support and Expansion into New Markets

Apple is proud that over 2,000 applications have already been written for the Vision Pro headset. Additionally, about 1.5 million applications initially created for iPhone and iPad have been adapted for the headset.

As predicted, the headset will be available in eight more countries this year. Starting June 28, it can be purchased in China, Japan, and Singapore, and from July 12, it will be available in Canada, Australia, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

Which devices will get iOS, iPadOS 18, macOS Sequoia, and watchOS 11

iOS: all models starting with iPhone XS and XR, including the second-generation iPhone SE.

iPadOS 18:

  • all iPads Pro with Face ID;
  • all iPad Air, starting with the third generation (the latest model with a Touch ID button, released in 2019);
  • iPad mini, starting with the fifth generation;
  • The base iPad, starting with the seventh generation (model announced in September 2019).

macOS Sequoia:

  • iMac: 2019 and later;
  • iMac Pro: 2017 and later;
  • Mac mini: 2018 and later;
  • MacBook Pro: 2018 and later;
  • all Mac Pro as a grater;
  • all MacBook Air starting in 2020.

watchOS 11:

  • Series 6 and newer;
  • second-generation Apple Watch SE;
  • both Apple Watch Ultra models.

Developer betas will be available starting today, June 10, public betas will be released in July, and final versions will be available in the fall.

How does this affect other companies?


Apple Intelligence Features: Apple’s new intelligence features partially cover the use cases of Grammarly. This could lead to users relying more on built-in features rather than third-party apps like Grammarly for writing and grammar checks.


Enhanced iPad Calculator: The new, advanced calculator app for iPad, described as "on steroids," might render many third-party calculator apps in the store obsolete. With enhanced functionality and integration, users might prefer the native Apple app.

1Password and Similar Apps

Apple’s Competing Applications: Apple is developing competing applications that challenge popular apps like 1Password. With built-in password management and enhanced security features, users might shift towards Apple’s integrated solutions, reducing the demand for third-party password managers.


Integration with Apple Maps: Features similar to those offered by AllTrails will now be available on Apple Maps. This integration could attract users who prefer a single, cohesive ecosystem, potentially impacting the user base of specialized trail and outdoor activity apps.

Bezel and Similar Apps

Native Mac Functionality: Features provided by apps like Bezel will now be natively available on Mac. This could reduce the need for third-party solutions, as users might prefer the seamless integration and optimized performance of native applications.

Summary: Apple’s latest updates and features are integrating functionalities that third-party apps have traditionally offered. This integration into the Apple ecosystem could significantly impact the user base and market demand for these third-party solutions, as users might prefer the convenience and reliability of native Apple apps.

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